KPAK specializes in providing comprehensive cartoning services to meet the packaging needs of various industries. Cartoning involves the process of erecting, filling, and sealing cartons to package goods securely for distribution and display. With our expertise in cartoning, we can ensure efficient and reliable packaging solutions for a wide range of products.

Our Cartoning Services:

KPAK offers a spectrum of cartoning services to cater to various packaging needs:

  1. Straight Tuck Cartons: Ideal for a wide range of products, these cartons are versatile and user-friendly, perfect for retail packaging.


  2. Reverse Tuck Cartons: Offering a secure closure and easy opening, these are suitable for heavier items.


  3. Auto-Bottom Cartons: Designed for quick assembly, these cartons are perfect for fast-paced packaging lines.


  4. Glued Sleeve Cartons: Best for products that require a tight fit and extra security, such as pharmaceuticals or cosmetics.

  5. Window Patch Cartons: Featuring a clear window to showcase the product, enhancing consumer appeal.


  6. Custom Shapes and Sizes: Tailored packaging solutions to meet unique product requirements and branding.

Industries Served:

Food & Beverage:

For the food and beverage industry, KPAK provides cartoning services for packaging items such as cereal boxes, snack packs, beverage cartons, and meal kits. We ensure that food products are safely sealed and presented attractively to consumers.

Consumer Electronics:

In the consumer electronics industry, cartoning is utilized for packaging gadgets, accessories, and electronic components. KPAK’s cartoning services ensure that electronic products are securely packaged for shipping and display, protecting them from damage and ensuring brand consistency.


Cartoning plays a vital role in the cosmetic industry for packaging items like skincare sets, perfume boxes, and gift sets. Our cartoning services provide customized packaging solutions to enhance product presentation and appeal, meeting the aesthetic standards of cosmetic brands.

Industrial Products:

Cartoning is also essential for packaging automotive parts, hardware, and industrial components. We offer cartoning solutions tailored to the specific requirements of industrial products, providing sturdy and protective packaging for transit and storage.


Versatile Cartoning Solutions:

KPAK offers versatile cartoning solutions, including erecting, filling, and sealing cartons of various sizes and styles to accommodate different product types and packaging requirements.

Customized Packaging:

We provide customized cartoning solutions tailored to the specific needs of each industry and product type. Whether it’s incorporating special features, designing promotional inserts, or optimizing packaging dimensions, we ensure that cartons are tailored to enhance product visibility and appeal.

Quality Assurance:

With stringent quality control measures in place, KPAK guarantees that every cartoned product meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. We prioritize product integrity and customer satisfaction throughout the cartoning process.

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