Pillow Pouches


Pillow Pouches from KPAK:

KPAK specializes in efficiently filling pillow pouches using Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) technology. Pillow pouches offer a classic packaging solution ideal for various products across industries. With VFFS technology, we ensure precise filling and sealing, resulting in high-quality, reliable packaging.

What are Stand-up Pouches?

KPAK specializes in filling stand-up pouches with precision and efficiency. Stand-up pouches are renowned for their versatility, convenience, and eye-catching appeal, providing excellent shelf visibility and product protection.  At KPAK we offer hand-fill and machine-fill capabilities, 

Industries We Serve:

Food & Beverage:

KPAK serves the food & beverage industry by filling pillow pouches with snacks, confectionery, grains, and dry ingredients. Our VFFS technology ensures efficient packaging, maintaining product freshness and extending shelf life for consumable items.

Pet Food:

KPAK’s expertise extends to the pet food industry, where we fill pillow pouches with dry pet food, treats, and supplements. Our VFFS technology allows for efficient packaging, maintaining product freshness and quality while meeting the unique requirements of pet food packaging.

CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods):

For CPG products like detergents, soaps, and hygiene items, our pillow pouch filling services offer flexible and cost-effective packaging solutions. We accommodate various product sizes and shapes, ensuring optimal presentation and functionality.


Customized Packaging Solutions:

KPAK offers customizable pillow pouch filling services tailored to the specific needs of each industry. Whether it’s optimizing packaging design, selecting appropriate materials, or incorporating special features, we ensure that the final product meets your requirements.

Quality Assurance:

 With rigorous quality control measures in place, KPAK ensures that every pillow pouch filled meets the highest standards of quality and consistency. From accurate filling to secure sealing, we prioritize product integrity and customer satisfaction.

Efficiency and Reliability:

Leveraging advanced VFFS technology and efficient processes, KPAK delivers pillow pouch filling services with unmatched efficiency and reliability. Whether it’s small-scale productions or high-volume orders, we handle projects of any size with precision and promptness.

Packaging Expertise:

With extensive experience in the packaging industry, KPAK’s team of experts offers valuable insights and guidance throughout the packaging process. From initial design consultations to logistical support, we are committed to exceeding client expectations and delivering exceptional results.


A Step Towards a Greener Future: In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, KPAK is committed to being at the forefront of packaging sustainability. Our stock films have a range of eco-friendly qualifications, we can offer anything from recycled plastic to compostable options depending on your project needs.

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